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2022 FAST

We invite you to fast with us to begin our new year.

2022 The Year of Intentional Restoration

This year we will be intentional about restoring some areas of our lives

Restoration of our Health

Restoration of our Family

Restoration of our Finances

Restoration of our Relationship with Christ


Jan 10 – 28 (3 Weeks)

Mon – Friday

For our Health

No soda, sweets, candy, or other carbonated beverages.

Smaller servings on meals.

For our Family

Minimum one hour per day uninterrupted quality time with your family.

Examples can be playing board games, helping with homework, reading bible, phone call if they are distant.

Begin each day by finding something uplifting to say to your spouse, kids, siblings, etc.

For our Finances

For every “want” that you spend money on you must put equal that amount into your savaging account.

The goal is to prioritize our spending.

For our Relationship with Christ

Prayer 3X per day

Read the bible daily


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