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If you Trust God in 2022

Your Vision will be restored (29)

29 Lord, you are my lamp. You, Lord, turn the darkness around me into light.

Your Vantage Point will be restored (30a)

30 With your help I can defeat an army.

A vantage point is the particular perspective or position from which you can see something. The hike up may be difficult, but the mountaintop is a great vantage point for viewing the fields of sunflowers below.

Your Verticality will be restored (30b)

I can climb over enemy walls

position at right angles to the horizon. synonyms: erectness, uprightness, verticalness. type of: position, spatial relation. the spatial property of a place where or way in which something is situated.

Your Victory will be restored (31)

He protects those who trust in him.


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