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Watch your Mouth

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

God is faithful and cares about his children. Although we say things that are not acceptable and receive God’s forgiveness, our actions produce consequences we will have to face. We have to be careful not to allow words to come out of our mouths that discredit, disrespect, and demean individuals God put in authority over us.

One might not enjoy the authority’s rule or method, but if God put the individual in position one is commanded to submit unto them. It is vital to ask God for wisdom regarding the authorities you have been placed under, seek God’s direction regarding God-honoring authorities in prayer, bible study, and consulting with a God-honoring teacher or pastor.

In the case of Miriam and Aaron, they didn’t watch their mouths when they murmured against their brother Moses, God’s chosen leader for the Israelites because of his wife. (We have to watch our mouth as it relates to siblings, family, and in-laws too!) When they spoke against their brother, the LORD heard it and called Moses, Aaron, and Miriam to the Tabernacle. The LORD came down personally in a pillar of cloud and stood at the doorway of the tabernacle and called forward Aaron and Miriam.

God corrected and disciplined them for their words against Moses’ leadership appointed by God, his relationship with God, and his anointing from God. God’s anger was kindled against Aaron and Miriam because their actions and words represented the nature of their heart towards Moses.

As a result, Miriam was leprous and confined outside of the camp for seven days. Additionally, Aaron pleaded with Moses for forgiveness and the Israelites could not move forward until Miriam was declared ceremonially clean. Miriam and Aaron, like so many of us, did not watch their mouths and experienced the consequences associated with it.

Our words not only affect our circumstances, they affect those around us. It is of extreme importance to genuinely speak words that edify, encourage, and respect others. We must keep our hearts aligned with what is acceptable in God’s sight and guard our mouths continuously.

This is also encouragement to you as you continue walking according to God’s will, word and way that when people speak against you, God will deal with them because he is our vindicator. Check your heart and watch your mouth!



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