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The woman with the issue of blood by Lady LiaNa McKissic

Text: Luke 8:43-48 & Luke 13:10-17

Title: Say my name say my name

Speaker: Lady Liana McKissic

The woman with this issue of blood and crippled woman both were nameless, however we can learn alot from them.

When people can see your issue (crippled woman) they seem to have more compassion for you.

When your issue isn’t visible (issue of blood) you are left to deal with it, without help.

What we learned from these two women.

1. Your healing may be controversial but they have to take that up with Jesus.

2. Your healing will require you to get up and go!

3. Your healing requires Faith.

4. Your healing can happen instantly.

5. Your Healing connects you to the father.

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