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Step Into Their Boat

Simon Peter had a problem. He worked the overnight shift and had nothing to show for it. With his boat docked on the shore, Jesus came and grabbed his boat. Jesus stepped into Simon Peter’s problem.

Simon Peter wasn’t sure why Jesus would suggest his fishing team should try again. Maybe it felt discouraging, like Jesus emphasized his failures. This wasn’t Jesus’ motive. He wanted to invite Simon Peter and his crew into something more than their current work as fishermen. He knew they weren’t failures. These fishermen didn’t quite understand what it meant to follow Him, and they probably weren’t ready for what happened next.

Who has the Holy Spirit brought to mind that may need help? It could be a co-worker, a neighbor, or a friend. You may not even know their situation. As you follow the Holy Spirit’s lead, what’s it like to step into their boat?

Here are some conversation starters to try:

• You don’t seem like yourself today. How is everything?

• What’s on your mind?

• What does today hold for you?

After asking them an open-ended question, pay attention to what the Holy Spirit highlights for you as they respond. Is there a next question? A practical tip that may help in their situation?

Jesus prodded Simon Peter and his crew to try fishing again. While Simon Peter hesitated to follow Jesus’ lead, he quickly discovered that Jesus genuinely wanted to help him.

Stepping into someone’s boat may allow you to show you genuinely care. There may even have been an invitation to talk about how your hope comes from the Lord (Psalm 121). You may even discover where this person is on their journey with Jesus and what it would look like for them to take the next small step toward spiritual growth.

Watch how the Holy Spirit multiplies the moment to deliver more than you anticipated as you take a step of faith.



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