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Sex Talk: Your bed is an altar

#SexTalk Day 2

Physical intimacy was one of the first forms of worship ordained by God. SEX is the ONLY form of worship that can be done as ONE. This wasn’t a mistake. God didn’t do this by chance. Sex & intimacy are important to God. Sex is a key ingredient to the glue that holds a marriage together. Marriages hold families together and families hold nations together. Now do you see the importance of sex & intimacy in marriage?


What if God asked you about your worship life in the form of sex with your spouse? Have you truly utilized the bedroom as an altar? Did you put forth more effort to worship with someone who should have never had access to you? Do you focus so much on going to choir rehearsal, Bible study, & other church functions than you do in the bedroom with your spouse?


Today’s prayer:

Lord Jesus please increase my worship life with my spouse. Allow our bedroom to be an altar. Amen!



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