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Self Deliverance

No one knows what you need to be delivered from like you do! Remember that deliverance is a continual process. I am continually seeking deliverance for my life because I strive to go from one level of glory to the next level of glory. Scripture says we can go from glory to glory as we press in to be transformed more and more into the image and likeness of Christ. Let the Holy Spirit make you look more like Jesus every day.

I want to encourage you that no matter what you’re going through, keep your head up and smile. When you do this you are walking by faith. When people go through life ugly, mean, nasty, and sad, they are manifesting the absence of a merry heart. A merry heart will make a joyful face.

In His Word, God gives us all wisdom and knowledge needed for Godly living. You have what you need to expose and dispose every scheme of the enemy in your life. Jesus has the victory and so do you because Christ in you is the hope of glory.

Dear Father, with grateful hearts we thank You that we are sons and daughters of Your blessings, called by You, chosen by You, and blessed by You with favor for the calling and for the anointing. Amen!

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