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Commit to REST

Do any of these words, describe your life ?overwhelmed, stressed, busy, not enough time, exhausted, depleted, or emptied out.

This week in weightlifting class I was trying to motivate one of my younger athletes to work out to with 225 on the bench press. He came in the white room just to speak, and I threw him down on the bench. Everybody in the weight room, started cheering and clapping. I started yelling. I was motivate him to the best of my ability but, he was not strong 225 pounds is a lot of weight for seven people is a lot of weight for most people no matter how much I yelled and screamed he could not get the weight off the bar. He looked at me as he struggle and he said Coach i can’t do it. I said yes you can. He looked at me again and said no I can’t grab this week and get it off the.

See, this is something that we struggle with in life. We think that as long as we’re motivated and as long as we’re committed, and as long as we have a Aman section that we can lift anything or any weight that life puts on us, but the truth is sometimes is just too much the only way that he would have been able to lift that weight would have been if he had train and build his way up to that week. I could have been the best motivator in the world, and he still wouldn’t have been able to lift that week. That’s where we are life we’re trying to carry more weight than we have to, we’re trying to lift more than we can we think because we have a prayer life because God has given us gifts and anointing that we are anointed to lift the weight, my brothers and sisters today I’m telling you that you need to commit to rest.

You have to know when it’s time to lift, and when it’s time to rest. See my athlete knew that there was only so much time before that weight would have crushed him how he stays under that bitch and no one Hilton marina crying out for help the white boy who fell on his neck, and it would’ve took his oxygen away. How long will you try to lift weights, the weight of life the weight of your family, the weight of your marriage the weight of your community the weight of your job the weight of your kids before you tap out and get some rest. In the next few five minutes I’m gonna tell you why you need to commit to rest in 2023.

A lot of us knew that we needed rest, but we felt like if you rested, then we will fall behind. If we rested, then we will miss Ottawa got here for us. If we rested, then admit that we didn’t appreciate the gift guy gave us. So we embodied a mentality of I’m gonna grind all day. I can sleep when I’m dead. No if you do that you will die quick so you don’t get that wrist. Others decided that they would rest in different ways. They were raised by doing less work, but still working. What are the most important things about? Wrist is disconnecting from whatever that you’re resting from see Jesus, gave us the true definition of rest.

There are three checkpoints of rest that I need you to accept

I. The When- invitation to rest

Jesus extends an invitation to come to Him, to all who are weary and burdened.

"Come" is a word of action - it requires us to take a step towards Jesus, to seek Him out and trust in Him.

"Weary and burdened" - Jesus understands our struggles and the weight we carry, whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual.

II. The Where- source of rest (In Jesus)

The rest Jesus offers is not just a physical break, but a spiritual renewal of our soul.

This rest is possible because Jesus has already borne the weight of our sin on the cross.

He invites us to come to Him, to lay down our burdens, and to receive the forgiveness and peace that He offers.

III. The Why-benefits of rest

When we come to Jesus and find rest in Him, we experience peace, joy, and hope in our lives.

Our minds are clearer, our hearts are lighter, and we are empowered to face the challenges of life with confidence.

The rest Jesus offers is not just temporary relief, but a lasting change in our hearts and lives.


  • Today, let us respond to Jesus' invitation to come to Him and find rest in Him.

  • Let us lay down our burdens and trust in His love and mercy.

  • May we experience the peace, joy, and hope that comes from finding rest in Jesus.



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